Chipmaster is a national dealership auto appearance service company that provides high quality automobile finish repair services that meet the standards of new car dealerships for the merchandising of pre-owned vehicles.

In Addition To Its Patented And Emissionless Rock Chip Repair Process. Chipmaster Services Also Include:


Scratch and Scuff Repair

Chipmaster has developed safe and professional scratch and scuff repair techniques that further enhance the appearance of cars with light, but noticeable, surface scratches and scuffs. Utilizing proprietary compounds, solutions and buffing methods, Chipmaster technicians quickly and effectively eliminate most of the annoying blemishes that are common to door panels, trunk decks and bumpers.

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Chipmaster Provides . . .

 High Quality Repairs

 Quick Repair Times

 On-Site Repairs

 Low Cost Repairs

 Environmentally Safe Repairs

 Better Overall Service