Chipmaster is a nationally auto appearance company that provides high quality mobile chip and scratch repair services that meet the standards of new car dealerships for the merchandising of pre-owned vehicles.

Nobody Does it Better!!!

Auto dealerships and car owners alike are looking for cost effective means for repairing paint chips and scratches without sacrificing quality. Think about it. Would you buy a car that has a multitude of rock-chips or scratches?

Just walk onto a used-car lot at most new car dealerships, and you will see cars with paint chips and scratches, same day loans or paint chip repair jobs that have left cars still looking noticeably damaged. Used car dealerships are loaded with cars that have been bombarded with paint rock chips and scratches that either have not been repaired, or cars that have been repaired by an unsightly paint chip or scratch repair process. With Chipmaster’s revolutionary paint chip repair process, vehicles can be repaired for a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. Chipmaster’s unique “PATENTED CHIP REPAIR PROCESS” is now revolutionizing the automotive atv accessories paint chip and scratch repair industry. Car dealers absolutely love how their cars look after being repaired with our chip and scratch repair process.

As a result, many of our dealers are enjoying substantial success. Are you creative, handy & like working with cars? If you are looking for your own business and you love cars, Chipmaster is the company for you. Do not settle for a cheap imitation. Chipmaster’s paint chip & scratch repair products and service are simply superior.

Chipmaster has over 50 years combined automotive experience between our professional staff. Chipmaster knows what car dealers are looking for and how to provide them with the results they desire. This knowledge is invaluable.

When you do business with Chipmaster you are not doing business with some fly by night, shade-tree knock-off company that is here today and gone tomorrow. You are doing business with established professionals who are trained to provide you with the best process and service in the industry. Chipmaster cares about your business and its growth, because we know that your success is our success!

Before & After

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Key Features

Emissionless paint process
Nationwide family of successful dealerships
Full complement of superior reconditioning services

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