Interested In Joining The Chipmaster Team?

Auto dealerships and car owners alike are looking for cost effective means for repairing paint chips and scratches. . . and without sacrificing quality. Think about it. . . would you buy a car that has a
multitude of rock-chips or scratches?

Just walk onto a used-car lot at most any new car dealership and you’ll see cars with paint chips and scratches, or paint chip repair jobs that have left cars still looking noticeably damaged. Used car dealerships are loaded with cars that have been bombarded with paint rock chips and scratches that either have not been repaired, or cars that have been repaired by an unsightly paint chip or scratch repair process.With Chipmaster’s revolutionary patented paint chip repair process vehicles can be repaired in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. . . . AND NOBODY DOES IT BETTER ! ! !Chipmaster’s unique “PATENTED CHIP REPAIR PROCESS” is now revolutionizing the automotive paint chip and scratch repair industry. Car dealers absolutely love how their cars look after being repaired by our chip and scratch repair process, and as a result many of our dealers are enjoying substantial success.Are You Creative, Handy & Like Working With Cars?

If you’re looking for your own business and you love cars, Chipmaster is the company for you. Don’t settle for a cheap imitation, Chipmaster’s paint chip & scratch repair products and service are simply superior.

Chipmaster has over 50 years combined automotive experience among our professional staff. Chipmaster knows what car dealers are looking for and how to provide them with the results they are desiring. This knowledge is invaluable.

Why Chipmaster?



Exclusive Territories
As a Chipmaster dealer you will be granted your own exclusive territory. Chipmaster will not market it’s chip & scratch repair systems to anyone else to compete against you (unlike other companies who sell their systems to anyone and everyone to compete against one another).

Best Results
Our results are second to none. And upon giving a demo, our products/process sell themselves. “Seeing is Believing.”

Best Process
Chipmaster’s patented painting process not only provides you results that are second to none, but it is also the simplest and easiest to learn (you can have practically anyone painting cars for you with one day’s worth of training).

Best Products
Chipmaster’s products are proprietary, and constantly proven to be by far the best in the industry. Only Chipmaster dealers have access to our products.

Best Performance
Combining our products with with our chip & scratch repair processes, no one else can do a car faster, easier, or have better results. What we do in 1/2 hour will typically take others 1 hour or more to do. (Over a week, month, etc. …this translates into far greater revenues.)

Superior Training and Support
(You will not be left to figure this out on your own.)
We provide thorough hands-on training. Plus, we provide our dealers with a complete business course on operating a successful business.

AND, we provide ongoing support (We are always just a phone call away to help walk you through any issue.)

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If The Following Describes You:dealership-opportunities

 A Self-Starter

 Great with People

 An Entrepreneurial Spirit

 Love Cars

 Love Working Outdoors

 Don’t Like to Work Weekends or Holidays

Then Contact Chipmaster . . .
We Have A Great Dealership Opportunity For You ! ! !

Dealer Qualifications:
Our selection of prospective dealers is based on an assessment of your overall business experience and personal qualifications. We are looking for individuals with good “business sense” and a history of success in business and life’s endeavors. A strong work ethic, a desire to succeed, and an ability to provide great customer service are imperative. No previous experience in automobile painting is required.