A Chipmaster Exclusive . . .


The key to the Chipmaster paint restoration process is its proprietary products.

Chipmaster’s ColorMax Paints are specially formulated utilizing only the highest quality automotive paint — with no wax or any other diluting chemicals added. As a result, our paint stays in the chips and the original damage becomes virtually invisible, . . . and the repairs will last for years!

Along with our specially formulated ColorMax Paints, the Chipmaster chip repair process utilizes its exceptional product: KLN Plus. This unique dual action product, which is not only an environmentally friendly excess paint remover, but is also a product that shines and protects painted surfaces from UV light, salts and other mineral elements. Other commonly used products simply cannot compete because they provide no extra protection or any lasting luster to the painted surface.

By utilizing our own specially formulated proprietary products, Chipmaster technicians are able to offer you a completely unique and unparalleled method for automotive paint chip & scratch repair — a complete paint restoration system that is simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and most importantly . . .

Chipmaster products will provide you with the results you are looking for . . . The Best Possible Appearance To Your Entire Inventory!

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Other Chipmaster Products

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 FinalFinishTM – For Scratches & Body Shine Restoration

 PrepMax PlusTM– For Removing Paint Adhesives

 ClearViewTM– For Headlight Restoration