Chipmaster is the only company in the Canadian marketplace that has a patented process for paint chip repair that requires absolutely no machinery; no buffing, no paint guns, and no brushes.


Chipmaster’s proprietary products and process

There are many competitors in the automotive paint repair business. The majority of the competition utilize either airbrush, squeegee, or dabber methods; and all utilize significantly inferior methods and products. The airbrush method gives great adhesion but leaves streaks or splotches and the paint color seldom matches. It is also unable to fill or cover small chips on paint surfaces. The squeegee method uses a lubricant prior to applying the paint. With this process, the appearance is good, but there is a loss of adhesion (resulting in a shortened touch-up life for the repair, which can last only a few weeks and the color then fades quickly). As for dabbers, what you get with their process is a few of the larger chips covered with paint blotches, leaving all the micro-chips untouched. This process leaves the car with the appearance of the measles or acne!

But with Chipmaster’s proprietary products and process, WE DEAL WITH ALL THE CHIPS AT ONE TIME. It doesn’t matter how many chips are on a car, WE GET THEM ALL. Chipmaster’s patented wipe on/wipe off method gives automobiles the best appearance and longevity, lasting for years. The Chipmaster system blends in completely and the original scratches and chips become virtually invisible. Chipmaster consistently beats the competition hands-down once this process is demonstrated.

Chipmaster Guarantees to Deliver . . . The Best Paint Restoration Process In The Marketplace!!!

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Eliminate Your Environmental Concerns!


Chipmaster’s process and products are not only superior to other methods, but also environmentally friendly, in that there are no harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere by buffing or spraying.

Most paint chip repair processes involve either spray guns or buffing. Both of these processes cast harmful chemicals into the air. But Chipmaster’s process is done by hand and excess product is safely disposed of after repairs.

With Chipmaster you will not be employing a harmful process that causes damage to the environment.